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Robotic Duct Cleaning:-

Dust can create severe health hazards, especially for people who frequent or live in enclosed air cooled commercial or residential building. Over a certain period of time, a large amount of dust gets accumulated in the air ducting system. Dust Mites flourishing in such systems can inflict severe skin irritation that might lead to redness, intense itching, and major inconvenience, especially to those associates who are prone to allergic problems or have asthma. Besides, key components like soot, dander, sand, smoke, fibers, insects, hair, and chemical fumes that make up dust are extremely harmful for health. One cubic inch of air has as much as 100,000 particles of dust, with each piece of dust containing thousands of harmful germs.

Particulate contaminants are a broad group of airborne physical matter that normally exists as discrete grains or particles. Pollen, microorganisms, skin flakes, dust, chemical fumes, and residential/industrial smoke, etc., too belong to this class. Thus, sizes of particulate contaminants can range from 0.01- more than 100 microns. Particles that are of sizes 10 microns or less are generally more hazardous to health as being small enough they can easily penetrate through the natural defenses of the body's respiratory system. However, their microscopic sizes make them the most difficult to eliminate or remove through filters.

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